Bedford Hospital

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Kempston Road
MK42 9DJ

Access in Detail

Reception Area C - Beeden House
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  • Reception Area C - Beeden House
  • Accessible WC
  • Baby Change
  • Circulation
  • Lighting
  • Reception
  • Seating
  • Signage
  • Surfaces
  • Toilets
To get to here step free, we suggest you use the following:-

Accessible WC

The toilet layout is suitable for left-handed transfers.
The door width is adequate.
There are grab rails provided.
There is an assistance alarm.

Baby Change

The baby change facility is low enough for a wheelchair user.
There is no toilet for a small child within the baby change facility.
There is no separate breast feeding area.
The baby change is in the unisex accessible toilet.


The acoustic environment is suitable for the intended use.

General Area

The clear widths are adequate.


The level of lighting is sufficient for the intended use.


There is not a lowered counter section provided.
The height of the standard desk is 1000mm.
There is an induction loop available.
Literature is available in large print.
There is literature available in Braille.
Literature is available in an audio format.


The seats provided are stable.
The seating has armrests.
Some customers may not find the seating suitable as the seats are all at the same height.


The signs are at an appropriate height.
Symbols are used to supplement the text.
The signboard surface does minimise glare and reflection.


The floor surface is suitable for the passage of wheelchair users.
The floor surfaces are slip resistant.


The toilets are located in an accessible location.
The doors are lightweight enough to open easily.
Please be aware a larger cubicle is not available for ambulant disabled people.

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